Tough Life

Assalamualaikum and Hi.

I'd like to start study sebenarnya tadi. Tapi entahlah, mood swings.
Yeahh, it's normal sometimes you just wanna be alone and do nothing and you have no idea why you're behaving like that.

So, since it's been a long time since the last time I wrote here, maybe this is the right time for me to start blogging back. Hahaha!
I wish I'll always have my free time lah kan, but too bad that my schedule for this semester gonna be very busyyyyy and I don't think that I'll spend my free time blogging. Hehe ;)

Ohh yea, I've completed my 3rd semester last month! Wehuuuu *fireworks*
And I've just started my 4th semester. Taksabar nak grad! Hihi ^_^

Alhamdulillah, I've survived for the last 3 semesters and still surviving for another 5 semesters here. Hehe
There's nothing much that I'd like to write here, (sebenarnya banyak sangat cerita sampai taktahu nak start dari mana and stop kat mana)

So hmm, throwback sikit lah tahun lepas punya story. Hihi
2015 has been a tough year for me :(
Too many unexpected things happened. Thankyou so much for those who stay. And for those who leave, especially the one that I've never expected (you know who you are), you'll be missed. Your lost have leaving a big impact on me. And I'm trying hard to survive and move on. Thanks a lot for every single thing that you've done for me since we're in KMNS. Even a small effort from you, it means a lot for me. I'm sorry for all my wrongdoings.
*Sorry ter-emo, terluah perasaan pulak kat sini. Hehe

I'm hoping for a better 2016! :)

*Sorry kalau entry ni tunggang langgang tak tersusun. My bad.

Thanks for reading! Do leave your comments! ;)

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