Heyy peeps!!!
Long time no see! hahaha!
Memang dah lama x update blog! xde masa! Maklumlah, SPM candidates laah katekan!  #alasan! :p
Ok, today I'm gonna write about My BFF! Of coz we all know that BFF stand for:
F--> FOREVER! <3
And I'm gonna share about My BFFs! :) They are, Syafina Azleen, Farahin Roslan n Lydia Shahirah! Can search them on Facebook n Twitter also! hahaha! :D


Guess what? Syafina Azleen's birthday!!! Yeaahh! Dah tua already! Our Kak Long! <3 yea, dia dh "Sweet Seventeen"! hahaha!
Sejarah for this year, I'm the LAST PERSON who wish her birthday for this year! Yeaaa! LAST! hahaha! Memandangkan last year, (2011) I've been the first person, so why not this year I make a difference! hahaha!
#Actually xde kredit nk wish awal n tertido time tu! hahaha! Sorry dear... x sengaja! heeeee ;)
Ape2pun, Sy "bangga glerr" sbb jd ORG LAST! hahaha! I'm triple sure dia akn ingt peristiwa nih for the rest of her life! *maybe! hahaha!

Okay, now about the "Birthday Gurl"!
Wanna know about her?
Dilahirkan pada 6 Mac 1995! *of coz laah kan.. kalau tak, takkan laah dia nk smbut birthday pada haritu kan? :p
*Simple and humble!
*Cute and style!
*Baik and caring!
*Mudah terharu! #eh, ye ker? heee! ;)
*Sgt loving and sedikit glerr! #actually bnyk! haha! Sorry pinna...
She's the best BFF that I've ever had! #actually ketiga2nye The Best!
Syafina n I always have the same instinct! #We call that "SEHATI SEJIWA", ok! hahaha!
Dia sgt laah memahami n kami selalu akn fikir n buat benda yg sama! haha! unik kan?
Mula2, we juz anggap that thing sbagai "kebetulan" je, but after so many times the same thing jadi, we believe that that was not kebetulan! Thats what we call "SEHATI SEJIWA"! hahaha!
Ok Pinna, sabarlah menanti hadiah awok, ye... ^_^
#Jeles dgn Faraa yg dh bg hadiah! huh! >,< 

Rsanyer ckup dulu laah about "Birthday Gurl" for today! Later I'll update more about our Friendship! <3
HOFLL! <3 It means:
O--> OUR

Dear my BFFs, Pinna, Faraa, Lydia! I love U all so much! Forever n ever, syggg! Thanx for all the sweet moments with U girls! Gonna miss all the moment! :(

*Inilah KAMI! My besties ever! Love U all so much!!! <3
Much <3, Atiqah! ^_~

Thanks for reading! Do leave your comments! ;)

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